Living in Nature

Our history

Fast is an outdoor furniture company whose inspiration is nature, whose roots are Made in Italy, and whose vision of the future lies in globalisation.

Founded in Valle Sabbia in 1995, Fast found its material of choice in aluminium: lightweight, versatile and ductile, aluminium is a sustainable material, as it can be endlessly recycled.

Over time it was joined by other materials – stoneware, wood, fabric and rope – all treated to be long-lasting, weather resistant and completely waterproof, in pursuit of an all-season outdoor space with an emphasis on flexibility and customisation. In the knowledge that design is not merely a question of aesthetic choice but a concrete approach to the world, we chose to rely on brands who could successfully interpret our idea of “timeless”: design with an enduring form and message.

Our collaboration with Robby Cantarutti & partners led to the creation of the Forest collection, still a bestseller, while the collaboration with Studio Lievore Altherr in Barcelona added a new organic sensuality to the aesthetic lines.

For us, sustainability is an overriding and fundamental commitment: we work in a place with which we are deeply connected, involving suppliers who share our values and our way of doing business. Nature encompasses everything that surrounds us: places, people, resources, traditions.

In recent years we have experienced a period of rapid growth with a strong international outlook. We sell all over the world through our sales partners and over 80% of Fast’s turnover is generated abroad.

In 2021 we expanded and upgraded our production and logistics facilities, and in addition to the production hub in Vestone, Fast now has a new logistics hub as well as a prestigious exhibition space on Lake Garda, housed in a 19th-century building.

Our Manifesto

The outdoors is central to our identity and our philosophy. A love of nature in all its forms and a passion for design that is in harmonious dialogue with open spaces is paramount. Our idea of a sustainable product is very clear: it should respect low-impact production standards, and it should be long-lasting, both in terms of material durability and timeless style. Hence our concept of design is timeless: a form that will maintain all its communicative power intact for years to come.

We are led as much by the past – our ties with Italy and our roots, the source of our Italian identity – as by the future. In the future, we envision and hope that protection of the environment will be a prerequisite for every business idea. In order to make this vision a reality, we have identified “innovation” and “respect” as the key words at the core of our smart nature: technological progress is crucial for sustainability.

It is our passion for what we do that makes us tireless experimenters, always led by the needs of our clients.

Function can never be separated from feeling; the concept of comfort itself should be considered in its fullest sense, as a value that encompasses aesthetically pleasing beauty as much as it does functionality. Values inspire us, but facts define us, and we believe it is important that they are measured by an external body. Which is why environmental certification has always been central to our innovation efforts from the very beginning.

The LCA methodology, now standard for us, allows us to monitor the environmental impact of most of our products throughout their entire life cycle, from the raw material to the finished product, in order to better assess inefficiencies and reduce waste. Certain products receiving the Environmental Product Declaration is a huge achievement: it means our clients can count on transparent information that can be compared with other suppliers throughout the world. 

Our goal is to eventually extend this achievement to the entire Fast production.

Quality and production

Authentic Made in Italy

The natural surroundings of Vestone accompany us in our life and in our work: they are a part of our daily life and the natural setting for Fast furnishing solutions. It is also what inspires our meticulous high-quality work and respect for materials.

Each Fast’s product - manufactured using die-casting and aluminium alloy extrusion processes - is rust resistant, recyclable and remarkably weather resistant. Regular laboratory tests guarantee a constant high level of quality.

Our idea of customisation

In 2013, we introduced lean production. Breaking manufacturing down into ‘sections’ has created some tangible benefits: greater efficiency, quality, customer service and more satisfaction and peace of mind for workers. 

One of the strong points we are famous for is our customisation. We don't depend on subcontractors, meaning we can do everything and do it quickly: variations and customisations. That's why the contract market isn't just a simple business choice - it’s the spontaneous result of our talent.

Design awards